Monday, January 28, 2008


Check this out!! I got my check and I couldnt believe what a few minutes a day could give me! Over 200$$ DOLLARS!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ultimate Tutorial for Making Money Online!!

Sign up for and start earning money today! A little confused on how? Read this:

First of all, is a site where you simply complete free offers and surveys that actually earn YOU money without spending a dime!!

After you sign up you will come to a screen that looks like this:

Click on the "Members Area" link to get started.

You might see a paragraph on the page that talks about a "short tutorial" I advise you to do it, this guide is just for further help and for extra tips.

If you scroll farther down, you'll see a table which has three tabs on the top:

  • Cash Offers: These are your money makers! There are several different types of cash offers. Register for free, Participate in the survey, Complete the form; you'll get the idea.
  • Points Offers: These are surveys and offers that will earn you POINTS. Points can buy you gift cards and merchandise in the Prize Shop on the site. (You earn 1 point for every one dollar you earn by completing free offers, NOT referrals.)
  • Daily Survey: This is 2 surveys and one bonus survey that is worth .80 cents each. You are allowed to do all three once everyday! However, You must qualify for the survey first to complete it.

Further down you will see this:

After clicking on the sponser and completing the survey or free offer, dont forget to press SUBMIT when youre done! Your completed offer will pend until the sponser basically tells youve done the survey.

To see your pending offers click on the link "Pending Offers" on this table on the Members Area page shown below.

The offer can pend from a few minutes to days. If your offer is pending for more than a couple days, most likely it is not going to go through.You can try removing it and doing it again.

You can see your completed offers as well. When offers are approved, will send you an email.

Completing a Survey

Lets say you want to do the USAPrizes for .75 cents. To start, click on USAPrizes and a new window will pop up.

Fill out the form with valid information. I advise to make a few alternate email addresses, so your main email (the one you signed up for cashcrate with) doesnt get emails from the surveyors. They do ask for your number. (Personally, i've only received two calls since joining and I ask them to put me on their "no call list". They wont call back after that.)

You'll come to a page that has "offers" on it (youll see a lot of yes's and no's!. If there is an option to say "No" or "Skip" do it. If you click NO for all the offers, and it wont let you submit because you need to participate in alteast one offer, click YES on any offer then submit. The next page will have an option to SKIP the offer or say NO to the offer. It'll either be on top, or below.

Once you get to the end, you'll get to a page that says "Congratulations, you are now eligible to receive so and so.. blah blah.." Then further down it says you must sign up for 2 silver offers, or something like that, you dont have to! You're all done with the survey. I may look something like this:

Close the window, and submit it on cc website to be approved.

Remember- this isnt a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! However, it is possible to pay most of the bills just by doing this for less than a hour a day! It's sooo nice to get a check in the middle of the month when it's most needed!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Im a 19 year old STAM and I still make my own money without leaving home!

Do you wish to make an extra 20, 50, 100, or even 300$ a month?? Do you have as little as an hour a day to spare? This is perfect for you! Sign up at to participate in free offers and surveys which are all worth a certain amount; ranging from .25 cents to 20 dollars! At the end of each month, they'll mail you a check that will arrive around the 20th of the next month.

I signed up a couple months back and it feels so good to be a stay at home mother to a two month old and still make my OWN money!! This site is entirely different from those other "free" offers; This one actually works!!!!

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